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Milwaukee Murder Defense Attorney

Charged with Murder in Wisconsin? Call (414) 375-0797 for the Defense You Need & Deserve.

Murder is one of the most serious criminal charges that you can face in court. Under Wisconsin law, there are many types of murder charges which depend on the act committed, the intention of the alleged offender, and the cause of the victim's death. The crime of murder may be premeditated and deliberate, justifiable or unjustifiable, committed as a reckless or negligent act or under mitigating circumstances such as self-defense, defense of others or trying to prevent a felony.

Regardless of the type of murder charge you may be facing, the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are guilty of each facet of the crime, meaning the act, the intention, and the cause. Because the consequences of these charges are so dire, it is imperative that you have a criminal defense attorney representing you. Confronting such life-altering charges should not be done without having an attorney on your side.

Aggressive Legal Advocate in Your Time of Need

If you or someone you know in the Milwaukee area is under investigation for or has been charged with 1st or 2nd degree murder, then it is crucial that you seek the services of a capable criminal defense lawyer. I urge you to contact the Law Offices of Jason D. Baltz for a consultation about your case so that you understand your rights and what can be done in your defense.

I take a personal interest in the success of every client and I want to see you well defended! You can rest assured that your case will be handled with care and given the priority it deserves. So what are you waiting for? Call today!

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