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Does CBD Oil Show Up On a Drug Test?


CBD Oil in Wisconsin

It’s no secret that CBD has become quite a popular product in recent years. Americans see an array of products, such as coffee, face creams, and lotions, claiming to provide the miracle benefits from the naturally-occurring compound.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the many chemical compounds that are taken from cannabis plants. This product does not get users “high.” Instead, it takes all the benefits from the plants in a form that is not psychoactive. Still, many individuals are under the impression that CBD is still a drug derived from marijuana plants.

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Is it Legal to Possess CBD Oil in Wisconsin?

Marijuana usage, including most medical marijuana, is currently illegal in Wisconsin. It is also illegal to possess CBD in Wisconsin unless a doctor prescribes and certifies that the oil is used to treat a medical condition, such as seizure disorders.

Does CBD Oil Show up on a Drug Test?

CBD itself doesn’t typically show up on drug tests. This means that if you are using this substance in Wisconsin and have to take a drug test, your test should come out completely clean. However, this may not always be the case.

Some CBD products contain trace amounts of THC, the chemical in marijuana that gives the plant its psychoactive effect. Since drug tests will look for the presence of THC in the blood to determine its result, this may mean that a drug test could come back positive. To avoid, make sure only to use raw CBD oil, which contains CBD and no other compounds.

If you or a loved one was arrested for or charged with a marijuana-related crime, make sure you get experienced, hard-hitting defense in your corner. The state of Wisconsin is very strict when it comes to marijuana possession and usage. Until marijuana legislation changes, you may face heavy fines and jail time.

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