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Child Abuse

Milwaukee Child Abuse Attorney

What Constitutes Wisconsin Child Abuse Laws?

In Wisconsin child abuse laws state four different types, including: intentionally causing bodily harm, recklessly causing bodily hard, failure to prevent bodily harm, & neglect. Causing intentional harm to a child is a class H felony resulting in up to 6 years in prison & up to $10k in fines.

Child abuse is a hot button to start heated debates, no matter where you go. Just a hint of an accusation can ruin someone's reputation, and local law enforcement and officials will be hard-pressed not to see the issue through an unfair bias. For this reason, I, Milwaukee child abuse defense attorney Jason Baltz, have dedicated my firm to upholding the rights of the accused and ensuring they are granted fair treatment in the eyes of the law.

There is a considerable amount of gray area surrounding child abuse allegations. A child might not be able to understand that the injuries they sustained were indeed a total accident, and therefore report that someone intentionally hurt them. In other situations, necessary discipline might lead to exaggerated claims of bullying or harassment. There is just too much in the air to allow a biased criminal justice system to unfairly punish the accused

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Experienced Child Abuse Legal Counsel

No matter how you look at it, child abuse charges are incredibly serious. I urge you to contact me, a professional Milwaukee criminal defense attorney, as soon as possible. As I have intentionally kept my law firm small and personable, you can be assured that your case will get my full, undivided attention. You do not need to worry about paralegals or assistants handling the bulk majority of your case; I am proud to say that I handle every task that comes my way and using individualized strategies to find success. Best of all, a smaller base-of-operations means that my costs are low, allowing me to pass those savings onto my clients for their benefit.

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