• Thanks for giving me back my life, freedom and restoring my faith in people!
    I’ve literally been through hell and God blessed me with an ANGEL. Jason is honest, hard-working and compassionate. He’s a wonderful family man and has a special spirit and overall kindness that can not be bought. Jason is patient and even took my calls during his family vacation! I will never doubt you for the research, gentleness, and commitment you showed me. Jason,

    - B. Smith

  • Jason was extremely helpful!
    Jason was a great help even before I talked about hiring him. He offered to come to my preliminary hearing before I even had the money to hire him.

    - Eric D.

  • Jason is the best, he is always there for you.
    A lawyer with a good heart. Our family attorney.

    - Dean H.

  • I cant say enough great things about Jason!
    Jason represented me in a custody battle last year in which my ex used every dirty trick in the book to keep my kids from me. Jason was very professional and empathetic with what I was dealing with. My ex repeatedly filed restraining orders all the way from La Crosse county. Jason drove all the way out there and back from ME to represent me there for no extra cost because he was concerned about my case. They ran out of time for us and he ended up making the trip again still for no extra cost to me. That is over 12 hours of driving alone! He is an experienced intelligent attorney and will fight hard for his clients. He always got back to me about any concerns I had unlike a lot of attorneys. I feel he truly does care about his clients. I would definitely rehire him in the future if I ever need legal help again.

    - Alan G.

  • I STRONGLY recommend Jason Baltz as your attorney.
    I was being charged for a class G felony business theft over $10k. The prosecution wanted 2 years in prison and 59K in restitution. Thanks to Jason I received only 2 years probation and 23k in restitution. He was my angel through everything. Strong communication skills and extremely dedicated to making sure I was taken care of. It was my first offense and I was so scared. I absolutely owe him my life. Thank you, Jason!!! Your the best! And also a wonderful family man, just adding that.

    - Elaine K.

  • Jason is an AMAZING attorney.
    I hired him for family court and he is getting me everything I'm asking for and then some. Very reasonable and nice guy. Understanding of any situation, and I highly recommend him as not a good, but a great attorney.

    - Ricardo C.

  • Attorney Baltz has been first rate with me since day one.
    He is professional, personable, and most importantly knowledgeable about the law. He spoke at great length with me about the particulars of my case prior to my even retaining him. He went above and beyond in answering all of my questions and I count myself fortunate to have him in my corner.

    - Pat J.

  • I stand behind his work 100%.
    Mr. Jason Baltz is professional, accessible, experienced and will treat your case with the utmost importance. I know since I have used Mr. Baltz for many legal matters. I used Mr. Baltz in a DUI defense, which he reduced in Dane County, as well as a referral for several felonies, which he also reduced to disorderly conducts. I have also used Mr. Baltz for business representation in establishing agreements, LLC's and assisting in year-end filings. Mr. Baltz is a straight shooter, very affordable and has a wide network of contacts in the industry which he leverages to get the best possible outcome. Mr. Jason Baltz should always be your first call, anyone who says otherwise has an ax to grind with either the D.A., the judge or the system---which Mr. Baltz cannot control. What he can control is delivering valued service that will ALWAYS get you the best possible outcome.

    - Park B.

  • Honest and caring, more than an other attorney I talked to.
    I have spoken with many attorneys in the Milwaukee/Ozaukee County area. I found Jason to be honest and caring more than another attorney I talked to. I found Jason very personable and easy to talk to.

    - Robb H.

  • He terminates and destroys the case at hand.
    Jason D. Baltz, he's an asset to any court case, as well as to any courtroom! Call him the "Caseanator " because he terminates and destroys the case at hand.

    - Garrett T.