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Dealing with a Milwaukee Speeding Ticket? Is Traffic School the Best Option?

woman traffic ticket upset
So, you recently received a speeding ticket. Whether or not you were actually speeding, a speeding ticket on your driving record can cause problems down the road. Depending on your situation, a speeding ticket could lead to:
  • An increased insurance premium
  • Loss or suspension of your driver’s license
  • Points on your driving record

However, you likely already know this. Now you’re left wondering what steps to take next to protect your future. Many people believe that the best step to take following receiving a speeding ticket is to pay it and go to traffic school to keep the points off your driving record.

The Problem with Traffic School

While there is nothing wrong with wanting to attend traffic school following receiving a speeding ticket, it’s important to understand what traffic school does. A common misconception is that attending traffic school will get your traffic ticket dismissed.

Unfortunately, that isn’t the truth. You still need to pay the fine, and the traffic ticket remains on your driving record. The only difference is that after attending traffic school, the associated points on your driving record are hidden from insurance companies, helping you avoid higher insurance premiums.

A Common Mistake

If you do choose to attend traffic school, please, be sure that you send proof to the courts! Too many of our past clients attend traffic school and never show proof of attendance, which is essentially the same as not going at all.

Let a Trusted Team Help

It’s not that you shouldn’t go to traffic school. We are just informing you that there is another option available to you that can actually get your ticket dismissed, which is fighting your ticket.

At The Law Offices of Jason D. Baltz, our team has been helping individuals get their speeding tickets dismissed with ease for countless years. We know exactly what to look for in order to help us build a strong case to defend your future.

Don’t pay for a speeding ticket that you don’t need to pay! Our team can help. Call us today (414) 375-0797 to learn more.