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Wisconsin Hub and Spoke Health Home Pilot Program

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Just because someone may be facing criminal charges doesn’t mean they have an addiction problem. For others though, their addiction could have led to the criminal charges they’re facing.

That is why in recent months, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) launched the Hub and Spoke Health Home Pilot Program. According to the agency, this program, “will not only support services to treat members’ substance use disorders (SUDs) but also care for the other physical and behavioral health issues that challenge their efforts in recovery.” This means that those in the program will receive treatment not only for their mental health but any other support they may need.

What is the Program?

The program, despite its name, is not in an actual home. It focuses on helping meet the person’s needs at their level. There are currently three agencies that are providing the program and are known as the “hub.” The hub will work with other organizations to specifically address substance use disorders (SUDs) including assessments, treatments, and support.

The “spokes” are outside partners that coordinate with “hubs” to provide other support services. Spokes are also designed to work with individuals to connect them with their own support systems such as family or friends who can help them with their recovery.

Who is Eligible?

According to the DHS, eligible individuals for this program include BadgerCare Plus and Medicaid members. Not only must members demonstrate that they have a SUD but they must also have an additional health condition.

Where is the Program?

Currently, there are three locations offering the Hub and Spoke Health Home Pilot Program.

  • Wisconsin Community Services, Inc. — this non-profit organization serves Milwaukee County
  • Family Health Center of Marshfield, Inc. — this organization provides services at two locations — FHC Minocqua Alcohol and Drug Recovery Center (for the counties of Forest, Iron, Oneida, Price, and Vilas) and Forest Country Potawatomi, the Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa and Sokaogon Chippewa Tribal Nations
  • Oneida National Behavioral Health Center — this organization also assists Native Americans from the Oneida Nation and the counties of Brown and Outagamie).

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