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What to Do If You Want a Divorce But Your Partner Doesn't

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What to Do If You Want a Divorce But Your Partner Doesn't

Unfortunately, many marriages end up in divorce. However, things can be much more challenging when you want a divorce but your spouse doesn’t want one. If your partner refuses to be an active participant, you’ll have more trouble and time to deal with to get the work done. Here are some steps to take if your spouse doesn’t want a divorce when you want one.

Hire a Professional to Help

The first thing you should do if your spouse isn’t on board with divorce is to hire a professional. Whether that professional is a therapist or divorce coach, they can help you to better express the reasons why you want to end your marriage. They can also help you both determine whether you can potentially stay in your marriage while working on it. Whatever the case, this professional can help you both share your feelings.

Be Compassionate

Although you may believe there’s nothing left in your relationship, your spouse might not see it that way. Being compassionate can help to ease things. Your partner may have natural feelings of hurt, anger and resistance, especially if they feel bombarded or deny that there was a problem in your marriage. You may even prompt them into talking about it. This can help to make the adjustment easier.

Be Open to Communication

You can also be open to communication and let your spouse know that you can talk things over openly and honestly. Even if you sit down and rationally talk, it can help a reluctant partner to see things more clearly and ultimately accept your situation. If you’re able to have an open line of communication, you can both express yourselves more clearly. Really listen to what your spouse has to say but make sure they hear you as well.

Give Things Some Time

It’s possible that even if your spouse acted as though your statement of wanting a divorce was out of left field, they might just be in denial. Talking and being as open as possible can possibly give him a chance to see things more clearly. The truth may be that they do know that things are not working in your marriage but are just denying it to cling to you. Emotionally, accepting the fact that you want to end your marriage can be a lot to take in. Let your spouse have time to process everything and come to terms with the idea of divorce.

Learn About the Options Available to You

Finally, once your spouse has accepted that you want to divorce, you can discuss what option you want to use. You have different options such as a divorce attorney or mediation. Depending on the circumstances, one or the other might be better for you. If you find that things might get too contentious or your spouse is still reluctant, you may want to hire an attorney.

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