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How Can a Theft Conviction Affect Your Future?

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A theft is the act of stealing something from someone else. There are different types of theft. For example, larceny is the act of intentionally taking someone’s property. Embezzlement is the misappropriation of funds or property placed in one’s trust. Stealing trade secrets, services, ownership rights, or utilities can also result in charges.

A theft conviction can mar an otherwise flawless record. Any criminal record can hinder a person’s future opportunities, but theft is particularly bad. If you or someone you care about is facing a theft charge, it’s crucial you choose an experienced criminal defense attorney.

How a Theft Conviction Can Disrupt Your Future Plans

In Wisconsin, there are five levels of theft charges:

  • Class A misdemeanor
  • Class I felony
  • Class H felony
  • Class G felony
  • Class F felony

The value of the stolen asset will help the prosecutors determine which of these charges to use.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re convicted of misdemeanor or felony theft. Any theft charge could have a profound effect on your future.

Voting Privileges

A felony theft conviction will cause the temporary loss of your voting rights. You will need to complete your sentence and any parole or probation requirements to earn the right to vote again.


A past theft conviction may limit your future career opportunities. Many job duties involve carrying out financial transactions. No manager wants the liability of hiring a high-risk person. If there is competition for the position, the employer will almost always choose the candidate with a clean history.

Mortgages and Other Loans

If you have a theft conviction on your record, lenders will consider you higher risk. A lender may deny mortgages or other types of loans to those with a past conviction.

A Place to Live

Landlords take on a great deal of risk when they rent to a tenant. It’s natural they’d want to ensure that tenant is an honorable individual. For this reason, most landlords do criminal background checks. If they find a conviction on your record, they’ll likely opt to rent to someone else.

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