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Domestic Violence In the Spotlight - What Those Accused Need to Know

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News about domestic violence can be found in headlines across the nation nearly every day. In the last few months, one notable domestic violence case involved a major league baseball pitcher being accused of the crime which resulted in him not being able to play for the rest of the reason.

A domestic violence charge is taken with the utmost caution by Wisconsin law enforcement. Not only do officers have rules and regulations they need to abide by, but they don’t want to be accused of putting individuals back together too soon after an alleged altercation, leading to a dangerous situation.

How Domestic Violence Charges Differ From Other Crimes

Domestic violence charges are usually much harder for law enforcement to dissect compared to an injury car crash or other crime that involves an injury. That’s because not all domestic violence cases have an injured victim.

If there is an injured victim from an accused domestic violence incident, it is much more clear to law enforcement who should be taken into custody. However, this can also become tricky if there are two people who both appear to have injuries.

Domestic violence at its core usually involves verbal threats and unless law enforcement was there at the time a threat was made, they have no way of telling who actually made the threat against who.

Preventing a Potential Domestic Violence Situation

If you are involved in an argument with someone and feel agitated, it’s best not to say or physically do anything you will regret later. Rather than put yourself in harm’s way, remove yourself from the situation so you and the other person can calm down. This will not only give each of you time to cool off from the discussion but could prevent a potential domestic violence situation.

How The Law Offices of Jason D. Baltz Can Help

If you are facing a domestic violence charge, you don’t have to do it alone. The Law Offices of Jason D. Baltz has helped countless clients during their time of need and we want to help you as well. Reach out today for a free consultation — (414) 375-0797.

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