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Can I Get Out of a Drug Charge?

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If you are arrested and charged with a drug crime, you are likely wondering what you should do next. You may also ask yourself if there is anything you can do to get out of this charge. The truth is, how you answer certain questions could mean the difference between going to jail and being free.

The team at The Law Offices of Jason D. Baltz shares the questions you must answer regarding your drug charge and why it is important to remain silent and hire a criminal defense attorney.

Right to Remain Silent

When you are arrested for a drug crime, the police will ask you questions. It is important to know that you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. This means that if you answer any questions, your answers could be used to convict you. For this reason, it is best to remain silent and wait for your criminal defense attorney to arrive.

A dedicated criminal defense attorney will know how to protect your rights and ensure you receive a fair trial. They will also be able to investigate the charges against you and build a strong defense.

Why You Should be Honest with Your Attorney

It’s important to be honest with your attorney after being charged with a drug charge because depending on your answers, it could help or hurt your case. If you’re not truthful about what happened, your attorney won’t be able to defend you properly. For example, if you tell your attorney that you only had a small amount of drugs on you, but it’s later revealed that you had a large amount, your attorney could be caught off guard during cross-examination.

It’s also important to be honest with your attorney so they can give you the best legal advice possible. If you withhold information from them, they may not be able to fully assess your situation and give you the best advice on how to proceed.

The Law Offices of Jason D. Baltz is Ready to Help You

If you are facing a drug charge, do not try to go through the process alone. Our criminal defense attorney at The Law Offices of Jason D. Baltz is your best chance at getting the outcome that you want.

If you were charged with a drug crime, contact our office today for a free consultation. We will review your case and help you decide the best course of action. Contact us online or by phone today. (414) 375-0797

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