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How to Choose a Wisconsin Criminal Defense Attorney

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Being charged with a crime can be overwhelming. Especially if it was a crime you didn’t commit, you want to make sure you have the best defense team representing you. Ask the following questions before signing the dotted line agreeing to hire an attorney you don’t know anything about.

What is Your Experience With The Crime I Was Charged With?

You don’t want to hire an attorney who has never represented someone charged with theft if you face a theft charge. Similarly, if an attorney has too many fields they are familiar with, they may not be the most focused on your type of charge.

Any attorney should be able to tell you what their main practice areas are. If your attorney says that their main practice area is something other than the crime you were charged with, it may be best to find a different attorney.

What Is Your Communication Style?

When your reputation is on the line, you want an attorney who will not leave you guessing what’s happening next. You want to ask your potential attorney what their average turnaround time is for answering any questions you may have. Too, ask how they prefer you to communicate, whether through a phone call or email. This will let you know how to best reach your attorney if you want a prompt response.

What Is the Payment Process Like?

Many attorneys, like Jason D. Baltz, offer a free initial consultation. But after that first meeting, what can you expect to pay? An attorney may not be able to give you an exact number, but they should be able to tell you an hourly rate and a rough estimate of the hours it will take to work on your case. It’s also important to learn how much you have to pay right away (such as a down payment) or when payments are expected to begin.

Do You Have References?

A reputable criminal defense attorney will be able to provide references without hesitation. In fact, many have testimonials online so you can see what former clients have to say about the attorney.

Additional Considerations

While it’s not necessarily a question, you also want to make sure you feel comfortable with your attorney. An attorney who is standoff-ish or doesn’t seem invested in your case will not be beneficial for your situation.

It would help if you also had an attorney who is familiar with your local area. An attorney from a neighboring state may not be able to defend your Wisconsin case because they are not as familiar with the state’s laws.

When you need a Milwaukee criminal defense attorney, look no further than Jason D. Baltz. He has helped hundreds facing criminal charges and works tirelessly to get the best outcome possible. Let the hard-hitting team at The Law Offices of Jason D. Baltz fight for you — reach out online or by phone. (414) 375-0797.

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