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Questions You Should Ask During an Interrogation

Officer interrogating a suspect

No one wants to be interrogated by the police, especially when you’re innocent. Unfortunately, detainments and arrests are too common, so knowing what you should ask an officer during an interrogation is essential.

Do You Have a Warrant?

Warrants are typically court-issued documents allowing law enforcement to investigate specific properties. Before detaining or arresting you, law enforcement may present you with a warrant to search your car, home, or similar property.

You have a right to privacy. If the police do not have a warrant, you can refuse them to search your property. In extreme emergencies, police can search a property without a warrant.

Why Am I Being Detained?

This question is straightforward enough. Law enforcement should always share why you are detained or questioned. Officers are not allowed to detain or arrest someone without reason, so ensure you are given an answer to this question.

How Long Am I Being Detained?

Law enforcement may be sly when answering this question. Officers may share that you may only be there for a few minutes or will only be there until they have their questions answered. During this process, it’s best not to share any information that could connect you to the alleged crime. Only answer basic personal information (your name, address, etc.) if prompted.

Am I Being Arrested?

Being detained and arrested are two different actions. If police detain you, they have a reasonable suspicion to seek information from you. A detainment doesn’t mean you are arrested, but you are also not allowed to leave police custody until they say so.

When you are arrested, police believe they have enough evidence or probable cause to connect you to criminal activity. If you are arrested, it is in your best interest to exercise your right to remain silent until your criminal defense attorney arrives.

Can I Call My Lawyer?

This is one of the most essential questions you should ask anytime you are questioned or arrested. Having a lawyer by your side is critical to ensure you do not say or act in a way that could lead to further issues. Additionally, especially if you know you’re innocent, having a criminal defense attorney speak on your behalf is the best solution to get out of police custody as quickly as possible.

When engaging with police, our Milwaukee criminal defense attorney at The Law Offices of Jason D. Baltz is here to help you. If police are pressing you to answer questions, continue exercising your right to remain silent and contact our team immediately. Reach out online or by phone so we can fight for you. (414) 375-0797

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