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Background Checks and Job Applications - What Do I Have to Disclose?

Employee filling out a job application

Applying for a new job can come with many emotions — from excitement to nervousness, a new career can lead to great possibilities. When completing a job application, there is typically a section where it asks about your criminal history. That joy of filling out the application can quickly turn dismal if you have a criminal record.

Why Employers Ask About Criminal History

Employers ask about your criminal history on a job application to assess the risk associated with hiring you and others. Employers want to ensure that any potential employee is not likely to commit a crime while on the job or harm other employees or customers. Asking this question lets employers know whether they will provide a safe and secure workplace to their employees and customers.

Know Your Rights When Completing a Job Application

When you’re asked to provide information regarding your criminal history, you may not have to share all incidents involving law enforcement. That’s because no disclosure is typically needed if you were acquitted of a crime. However, if you were convicted of a crime, it is best to be honest about your past rather than hide this information.

All employers have different standards, so it is wise to research their policies to ensure you’re following the process. You must read the application thoroughly to determine if your criminal past, even if expunged, should be noted. Ultimately, understanding the criteria around disclosure when completing an application is paramount.

Don’t Find Yourself with a Criminal Conviction

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