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I Was Served a Restraining Order. What Happens Now?


In Wisconsin, being served with a temporary restraining order doesn't mean the final order will be granted. However, even a temporary one can lead to a change in home arrangements or even child custody agreements.


The restraining order is to refrain from hurting, approaching or contacting, to move out of your home, or to stop stalking and harassing. The court schedules a hearing within 14 days of your service with the temporary order. If the final order is granted, it will be active for four years in cases of domestic abuse.

Obtain a Criminal Defense Attorney

It’s important to obtain a criminal defense attorney who can gather evidence of the alleged domestic abuse and present it during this hearing. The courts have the power to determine child custody, force the individual to pay money to the abused and move out of their own home. Your attorney should also be able to negotiate the best possible outcome on your behalf.


Our domestic violence attorney helps defend the rights of individuals who have been served restraining orders. With over 18 years of experience in family and criminal law, Jason Baltz keeps his practice small to give you his undivided attention and the professional representation you need.

Modification of Existing Custody Order

The truth is that even good people make mistakes they regret later. There may be some situations where a modification is available, or the person who has obtained the order can choose to drop it later on. If you need help fighting a restraining order or defending your rights, our criminal law attorney may be able to help you negotiate a positive outcome.


If you're served with a temporary domestic restraining order, don’t wait until it’s too late to get legal help. Our law office is available 24 hours a day to answer all of your legal questions. Our attorney can help you achieve peace of mind and help you plan a legal strategy that will work for you.


Don’t let your rights go undefended. Call The Law Offices of Jason D. Baltz at (414) 375-0797 for a free consultation to discuss your options moving forward.

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